Parallel to the production of chassis and accessories for racing competitions, CRG have developed a highly qualified division for the Rental Kart sector.

For this specific market, they have designed a complete Kart range (with 4-stroke and electric engines), highly appreciated by managers and customers of the rental tracks, both for the high quality built of the Kart and accessories, as well as for the design and the authentic driving sensation that these karts offer. With the beginning of 2020, after various projects limited to individual countries, CRG present the possibility of purchasing a new Kart Rental fleet with a leasing method available for all European countries and for North America. This type of financial proposal is even more important after the advent of Covid-19, which forced many circuits to temporarily close and generated financial liquidity crises throughout the rental sector. The proposal introduced by CRG allows the tracks to pay the new Kart fleet monthly from 2 to 7 years, including customized solutions that provide for the payment of installments only during the track’s working season (for example in the six summer months for Outdoor structures). With this formula it is possible to have the new Karts available immediately and pay them while they work and generate profits for the track.

Euan Jeffery (CRG Rental Kart Sales Manager), sumarizes CRG’s activities to support Rental customers: “The possibility of purchasing a fleet of new CRG rental karts, leased for such a large market as Europe and North America, will allow us to meet one of the most important needs of the track managers, who will thus be able to offer their customers new and high quality karts, amortizing the cost from 2 to 7 years. Being able to offer an international leasing option, completely changes the financial dynamics linked to the purchase of the karts. In fact, they will pay for themselves while they work without generating anticipated financial exposure. In this period with the effects of Cornavirus on the world economy still being difficult to evaluate, financial flexibility will be a fundamental tool to offer our customers the opportunity to play a leading role in the market. It should also be remembered that with our commercial team, in addition to the leasing formulas, we provide the tracks with evaluations for the exchange of used Karts and we also offer support with endurance race formats and an International Final in which we involve all our partnering tracks. In addition, for entrepreneurs who consider opening a kart track, we offer consultancy starting from the initial business plan up to the complete realization of a turnkey track infrastructure. For more information on our Rental range and all the services we offer, please contact us by email ( and visit our website