Ronnie Stefani – OK

Ronnie Stefani ronnie.stefani_racing CATEGORY: OK NATIONALITY: Italian

Mark Dubnityski – OK

Mark Dubnityski mark.dubnitski CATEGORY: OK NATIONALITY: Estonian

Mattia Colnaghi – OK

Mattia Colnaghi matti.colnaghii CATEGORY: OK NATIONALITY: Italian

Francisco Macedo – OK

Francisco Macedo kiko.macedo CATEGORY: OK NATIONALITY: Portoguese

Olin Galli – OK

Olin Gall olingalli CATEGORY: OK NATIONALITY: Brasilian

Michael Ider – OK

Michael Ider michael.ider CATEGORY: OK NATIONALITY: Italian

Louis Iglesias – OK

Louis Iglesias louis_iglesias_17 CATEGORY: KZ NATIONALITY: French

Simone Bianco – OK

Simone Bianco _simonebianco_ CATEGORY: OK NATIONALITY: Italian

Filippo Fiorentino – KZ

Filippo Fiorentino filippo_fiorentino CATEGORY: KZ NATIONALITY: Brasilian

Gabriel Gomez – OK

Gabriel Gomez gabrielgomez78 CATEGORY: OK & KZ NATIONALITY: Brasilian
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Jacob Micallef – OK

Jacob Micallef jacob_micallef_111 CATEGORY: OK NATIONALITY: Maltese

Jan Luka Worthmann – KZ

Jan Luka Worthmann CATEGORY: KZ NATIONALITY: Mexican