Within the activities to support the Rental Kart Line, one of the most complete and successful lines in this important market branch, CRG is increasing its commitment and organization regarding second-hand Rental karts.

In order to ease the match between supply and demand, CRG expanded its Premium Selection commercial and marketing project. Through this program, fleets coming from trade-in activities are placed on the market in a direct way, after been overhauled and passing severe controls. The program launched 2 years ago has been extended to all the Centurion line and it will soon include also the innovative E-Drenaline electric karts.

Marco Angeletti, CRG’s marketing director, commented this venture: “The Premium Selection project relates different needs of our customers, both active and potential. On one side, big tracks, that wish to change often their fleet, have the guarantee to be able to trade-in their used karts and buy a new fleet. At the same time, we can satisfy the needs of many tracks searching less expensive solutions, for a part or the whole Rental Kart fleet. Premium Selection guarantees a deep overhauling of second-hand karts and it allows smaller circuits to enjoy the quality, reliability and design of CRG’s rental kart.”

For further information on the Premium Selection karts available: