Road Rebel

The Road Rebel chassis has a frame with ø 32 Chrome moli tubes, with the new bearing hanger reinforced on the brake side.
On this chassis it is possible to adjust the rear axle and the stub axle settings; on the front side it is easy to set up the caster camber by the exclusive Sniper caster system. All the racing range is supplied with the, Ven 11 or Ven 10 brake system depending on the braking system chosen.
The chassis is supplied with the plastic bodywork New Age 03, the rear KG and the sticker kit.

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Technical Data

Category KZ – Shifter
Homologation 04/Ch/14
Ø Tubes 32
Wheel Base 1.050
Rear Width 650
Front Width 735
Ø Axle 50
Brake System Hydraulic / Ven 11 KZ
Brake Disk Floating Steel
Fuel Tank Capacity 8,5
Steering Wheel Black Orange Ø340
Rear Hubs Magnesium
Seat Resin
Wheels 132/212 Magnesium