Briggs Mini

The CRG kart employed in the MINI category derives from the MINI HERO model, with the same frame geometries and all the top-line accessories for the youth classes. The chassis is made of 28mm tubes, 30mm axle, hydraulic brake system and bodywork with CRG Racing design in PVC. The engine mounted on the kart is the Briggs & Stratton 206, with standard carb block (black), therefore at 100% of its power to guarantee the top formation and competitiveness in the most strategic category of the project. The engine reliability allows to make tens of hours on track with no need of overhauling, bringing running costs of the MINI Briggs among the lowest on the market. The tyres are Vega, MINI model, and allow to make more races with a single set. The CRG MINI kart is sold full optional, with engine and tyres and the promotional price of Euro 2.770,00 + VAT.

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Technical Data

Frame Steel shell with 28mm tubes
Wheel Base 1010 mm
Axle 30mm new age M
Front hubs 30 x 40 gold comp.
Bobbin Mini Hero 17
Wheels 110 / 140 Aluminium
Brake System VEN – model MINI
Flue Tank Capacity 3 Lt.
Bodyworks New Age – Mini
Rear bumper Mini RR
Engine Briggs & Stratton 206cc
Price Euro 2.770,00 + VAT
Minimun weight for race
110 Kg