Dark Rider Evo 15

The Dark Rider chassis series adopts a bodywork with an innovative engine fixing system which permits a variable wheel base. There are 3 Dark Riders chassis, one with ø 32 Chrome moli tubes, one with ø 30 Chrome moli tubes and the third one with ø 30 Chrom moli tubes on the long chassis rails, while cross bars are ø 32 Chrome moli tubes. All Dark Rider have the new bearing hanger reinforced on the brake side. On all Dark Rider karts it is possible to adjust the stub axle settings; on the front side it is easy to set up the caster and the camber by the exclusive Sniper caster system.

The chassis comes complete with the new KG 507-508 fairings characterized by refined aerodynamics and reduced weight. The sticker kit is also new.

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Technical Data

Category DD2 ROTAX
Homologation DD2 ROTAX
Ø Tubes 30 – 30/32 – 32
Wheel Base 1.050
Rear Width 650
Front Width 715
Ø Axle 40
Brake System Hydraulic
Brake Disk Floating Steel
Fuel Tank Capacity 8,5
Steering Wheel Black Orange Ø340
Rear Hubs Magnesium
Seat Resin
Wheels 132/212 Magnesium