About one year from the Briggs Kart Championship’s launch in Italy, Briggs & Stratton, the American company reaping success in every continent with the low-cost project based on their 206 engine, it’s time to make a balance. Briggs & Stratton chose CRG as chassis partner in Italy and Europe, promoting a one-brand concept able to contain the costs, a project that both companies trust a lot to especially relaunch the youth sector. The crisis that karting is facing in the youth classes is evident, stifled by higher and higher costs and the demanding commitment in terms of time that agonistic activity requires. These factors reduced alarmingly the young drivers’ nursery and the Briggs MINI category is offering tangible solutions on these issues, obtaining positive outcomes already since its first year of activity. The Briggs & Stratton Mini category allows many young drivers to race even with a reduced budget, without missing performances, thanks to the engine of about 10 hp and the ultimate in racing chassis, so as about training, the most important prerogative that youth classes should guarantee. Briggs & Stratton and CRG faced the cost problem with concrete solutions, not only basing the costs’ reduction on reliability and the engine’s ease of handling, but also creating a strict technical regulation and a one-day race format, with reduced trips and promotional entry fees and tyres. Briggs Kart Championship is setting ambitious goals, strategic for the karting future, both in the youth sector, where initiatives will be soon presented to support the best drivers from the nursery, and for adults, as it allows many karting lovers to race with a racing chassis, being an excellent step for those who come from rental kart world. For further information on the Briggs Kart Championship project you can visit the official website: www.briggskartchampionship.com