The classic Endurance event organized by CRG will take place on March 28th-29th on the Adria circuit (Italy)

You never change a winning format, so the 24 Hours of Italy will keep all the features that made it one of the most prestigious races in the Endurance sector. Starting from the date at the beginning of the season, confirmed on March 28th and 29th. It is confirmed the high-profile location as well, the Adria Raceway, one of the most beautiful layouts, provided with services able to make this hard and demanding marathon the most comfortable as possible for teams, with its masonry boxes, hotel rooms above the pit lane, one of the best a lighting systems in Europe and modern video control system with over 20 cameras.

As usual, the great protagonists of the event will be the Centurion karts equipped with 390cc engines, brand new, that CRG will provide to the teams by lottery, as well as managing the technical service during the event. Over 40 teams are awaited amongst the most important ones at international level and, as for the previous editions, the organization already received the confirmation of a large Chinese delegation and from Central America. The European countries will be highly represented as well, starting from the 2019 Spanish winners, the teams coming from France, Germany, Romania and Czech Republic, besides the substantial presence of Italian teams. As for the past editions, the organization level will be very high and there will be an important media coverage with long parts of race in live streaming. For what concerns the Regulation, 2 categories are confirmed: PRO and SILVER for amateur teams, that will have to make more driver changes than the pro. The time schedule will start on Friday evening with 1 hour of free practice, then it will continue on Saturday 28th with the another free practice session, qualifying practice and race start at 3 pm. after the usual Drivers Parade.

Entries will open on Thursday 9th of January and will close when reaching the 44 places available. For further information, contact the CRG organization at: – +39.030.9912604


Location: Adria Karting Raceway

Date: Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of March 2020

Karts: the organization will provide brand new Centurion karts with Honda 390cc engine

Regulation: there will be 2 categories that will be awarded separately: PRO and SILVER for amateur teams. PRO teams will have to make at least 30 driver changes, whilst SILVER teams will make 35 driver changes. Regardless the number of stints done, each driver cannot drive for more than 7 hours during the race. The starting procedure will follow the “Le Mans” style and there is no maximum duration of each driving stint. The weight of the single drivers will be balanced with a ballast system on the kart. The full regulation will published in January 2020.

Communication: the main parts of the race (about 12 hours) will be broadcasted in live streaming on the CRG official website and on the factory’s social channels. There will be a studio for interviews and a press agency will promote the event.

Team Composition: from 4 to 10 drivers.

Entries: the entry fee is Euro 2.400,00 + VAT. Entries will open on Thursday 9th of January and will close when reaching the maximum number of teams admitted (44).

Services included in the fee: it’s included the kart rental, consumption materials (oil, fuel and tyres), spare parts, technical assistance of the CRG personnel, all track services and masonry boxes with displays, tables and beach chairs.

Friday’s free practice: there will an optional extra session from 6.00 to 7.00 pm. at the cost of Euro 120,00 per team.

Hotel: the circuit has hotel rooms that teams can book and use as support. The first 23 teams registered will have the rooms above the pit lane, whilst the following ones will have rooms in the building at the end of the paddock. The rooms must be booked contacting directly the Adria track (, only after CRG confirms the registration. Each team can book only one room for Saturday night and the price will be Euro 120,00 for rooms above the pit lane and Euro 90,00 for rooms in the paddock.

Awards: both team winners, PRO and SILVER, will have the free participation to the CRG World Contest at the end of the season.