The CRG management held a meeting with some operators and CRG dealers last Saturday at the CRG Factory in Lonato del Garda, in order to develop the Rental Kart market. The goal of the meeting, that saw also the presence of Massimo Makovac (head of sales of Karting 360°, world leading company in creating rental tracks) was presenting a project in synergy with the CRG dealers to develop the rental products’ sales in different geographic areas. CRG is on top in this market branch, both for technology and design, and for the sporting programs, and it’s aiming to expand its market shares in the next years. A particular focus was dedicated to the E-Drenaline’s potential, the electric kart by CRG, where it is expected a growth in the market, especially for what concerns indoor tracks.

CRG’s venture has the goal of involving actively some potential commercial partners in different countries in the world, creating a concrete business opportunity for them and a better sales efficacy and customer service for the company. The meeting was coordinated by Euan Jeffery of CRG (e-mail: that can be contacted for further information on the commercial actions that CRG is planning, both in Europe, America and Asia.