Genis Civico - OK

The 1st round of the Fia European Championship OK and OK Junior, held in Zuera (Spain) last Sunday 2nd of August, ended under the expectations for the CRG drivers. The improvements made from technical point of view and by the drivers were important, however they were not enough to score points for the Championship. It should be said that some unlucky episodes made the result worse than what the team deserved. In OK Junior, for instance, the three drivers of the CRG official team were in Series 2 of the qualifying practice, the only one that made just one lap rather than 3 as done by the other groups, relegating all the CRG drivers (Magnussen, Marenghi and Gené) at the back of the grid in all the heats. In OK, instead, Rasmuss Joutsimies got a penalty for a mistake in the starting procedure of the 3rd heat, and without that he would have start in the first 15 places rather than from the back of the grid.

Francesco Marenghi – OKJ

Among Junior drivers, the Italian Francesco Marenghi did very well, confirming that some technical innovations brought in Spain are going in the right direction, but a contact in the last heat deprived him of the access to the Final that he deserved. In OK Junior, neither Magnussen and Gené qualified for the Final. The balance in OK is more positive, where both Genis Civico and Rasmuss Joutsimies qualified for the Final and showed a good speed in the heats and an excellent pace. Nevertheless, neither of them scored points in the Final: Joutsimies for a contact during the 1st lap and Genis for a technical problem at the end of the race. The European Championship for the OK and OK Junior classes will be back in Sarno in three weeks for the 2nd round and the team is already at work to make an important step ahead.

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