Euan Jeffery

The Rental Kart division within CRG plays a very important role and is becoming increasingly central to the company’s commercial policies. For many years the Rental sector has been a booming market and the karts for this sector, compared to the past, are products with high technological content. To learn more about some issues related to CRG’s product and commercial policies, we met the Sales Manager of the Rental Line Euan Jeffery, to whom we ask 3 key questions to get a complete overview of CRG’s Rental activities.

1. Which are the strong points of the CRG Rental line? 
There are many popular aspects of our Rental line and the main ones can be summarized in three points. First of all, the high quality of our karts, which guarantee safety, reliability and almost zero costs for spare parts. The second point in order of importance is the attention to design and the driving experience they offer, factors that are highly appreciated by customers. Finally, our sales staff is able to offer complete advice to the tracks in order to satisfy every need effectively: from the collection and exchange of used karts, up to leasing/purchase plans. On the sidelines of these aspects, I must also emphasize how CRG is very active regarding programs for our rental kart customers, such as the 24 Hours of Italy and the World Contest, events that our partner tracks can exploit as awards for their activities by retaining their customers.

2. Did the pre and post sales assistance become important in the Rental Kart?
Certainly, and our commercial structure is very organized on these aspects: we are able to support our customers in all the purchasing processes, in addition to following them effectively also in the post-sales with spare parts management and various marketing activities. This is a great added value that a market leader like CRG can offer compared to less structured competitors. In this regard, I also want to mention the collaboration we have with Karting 360 °, a world leader in the construction of Kart tracks. This aspect allows us to be an ideal partner for all entrepreneurs who are considering investing in a Rental track, being able to offer complete advice ranging from the creation of the business plan, to the creation of the track and ancillary services, up to the purchase of karts. With this philosophy we are also working with tracks already on the market, which intend to re-launch with new layouts and a fleet of quality karts to face the future challenges of an increasingly competitive market.

3. Can you make an overview of CRG’s Rental products?
Our range is among the most complete on the market. The line of karts with 4-stroke engines is called Centurion and includes the MINI karts for children, the two-seater karts and the Senior models both with 270cc engines and with the more performing 390cc engines. All these karts have very high safety systems, pedal and seat adjustment systems and such attention to detail that place this range of karts at the top of the market for quality, reliability and performance. Our range of electric karts is called E-Drenaline and includes the MINI and Senior model. The latter, we think is the Kart with the greatest technological content on the market: it is equipped with an F1-type steering wheel with LED display, two electric motors with braking energy recovery system and electronic differential, as well as an innovative gearbox system and a rapid battery change that allows you to have the fleet always active on the track.

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