It is one of the most awaited and desired events for all endurance karting addicted. It’s the 24 Hours Karting of Italy, organized by CRG. Now on its fourth edition, this year it will take place on the 5th and 6th June and once again at the prestigious Adria International Raceway.

There are many reasons that made this event unique and first of all the Centurion karts equipped with 390cc engine, which are for sure great protagonists of the event. CRG will provide all teams with brand new go-karts and will manage them on the racetrack thanks to a centralized assistance made by its own racing department, which represents a guarantee of very high skills.

Centurion karts are highly appreciated by drivers for the feeling they can offer while driving them, which is very similar to a real competition kart, but also for the quality and technology that characterizes them. In the past this has guaranteed very few interventions for what concerns their technical assistance and a photo finish arrival twice.

Another thing that has helped to make this event so popular is the huge organizational machine that CRG has set up in partnership with the Adria track. The exclusive services include the live streaming of the event, which offers every teams a worldwide visibility, but also the structure of the garages (made of masonry with an internal set-up and tv screens that make possible to follow the race live), the hospitality area and the race direction, which can count on a system of more than 20 cameras, to keep every corner under control. The hotel rooms, which are located directly on the pit lane are also very popular among the teams and represent a very useful support point for a tough race like that, as well as a great comfort a comfort that no other endurance event can offer.

The decision to organize the race in june aims at allowing all those teams coming from abroad, who have definitely liven up the first editions of the CRG 24 Hours, to travel and the organizers’ goal is to repeat the 2019 record with 42 teams attending the event. The race format was confirmed with 1 hour and 30 minutes of free practice, 10 minutes of Superpole and the start of the race at 2 PM on Saturday 5th June.

Two categories are confirmed: Silver for amateur teams and Pro for those more competitive ones. The regulation will be very free in order to allow different strategies to the teams. The only requirements will be the minimum number of driver changes (which has to be 30 for the Pros and 35 for the Silver teams) and the ban for each driver to drive for more than 7 hours during the race. The teams can be made of a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 drivers and all ACI and ASI licenses will be accepted (for drivers without a license it will be possible to request it directly at the racetrack).

Entries will officially open on Monday 22nd of February and will close when reaching the 44 places available.

For any further information, please get in touch with the CRG organization at: – +39.030.9912604



Location: Adria Karting Raceway

Date: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June 2021

Karts: the organization will provide brand new Centurion karts with Honda 390cc engine

Regulation: there will be 2 categories that will be awarded separately: Pro and Silver, this second one for amateur teams. Pro teams will have to make at least 30 driver changes, whilst Silver teams will make 35 driver changes. For what concerns the number of stints done, each driver cannot drive for more than 7 hours during the race. The starting procedure will follow the “Le Mans” style and there is no maximum duration of each driving stint. The weight of a single drivers will be balanced with a ballast system on the kart. The full regulation will published as soon as the 2021 entries will be open.

Communication: the main parts of the race (about 12 hours) will be broadcasted in live streaming on the CRG official website and on the factory’s social channels. There will be a studio for interviews and a press agency will promote the event.

Team Composition: from 4 to 10 drivers.

Entries: the entry fee is euro 2.400,00 + VAT. Entries will open on monday 22th of february and will close when reaching the maximum number of teams admitted (44).

Services included in the fee: it’s included the kart rental, consumption materials (oil, fuel and tyres), spare parts, technical assistance of the CRG personnel, all track services and masonry boxes with displays, tables and beach chairs.

Friday’s free practice: there will an optional extra session from 6.00 to 7.00 pm. at the cost of euro 120,00 per team.

Hotel: the circuit has hotel rooms that teams can book and use as support. The first 23 teams registered will have the rooms above the pit lane, whilst the following ones will have rooms in the building at the end of the paddock. The rooms must be booked contacting directly the Adria track (, only after CRG confirms the registration. Each team can book only one room for Saturday night and the price will be confirmed directly by the circuit itself at the same time of the booking request.