CRG is a world leader company in the production of go-karts and has had an internal Events Division for years, which makes possible to offer exceptional incentive and team building activities to the most dynamic companies.

Motivating and retaining one’s collaborators and employees is a priority of many businesses and karting is proven to be a very effective discipline from this point of view.

The incentive model that CRG has finalised is based on two main points: the product (go-kart), specifically created for beginners (but fun to drive) and the format of the event, which is able to involve all the participants, enhancing the team spirit. Kart endurance events were born from these prerogatives.

The CRG Centurion are the best go-kart that can be used for this kind of events. Despite being equipped with a 4-stroke engine with reduced performance, they do have a superb design and they offer very strong feelings while driving. By choosing a Centurion everyone will able to drive it on the track in complete safety. One of the most important prerogatives of a CRG go-kart is the possibility to adjust the seat and the pedals, so that the same vehicle can be driven by different participants of various heights.

The most suitable format for the event is the endurance race for sure, as participants can be divided into different teams and each of them will have the chance to drive its own sessions behind the wheel. People who will take part to the event will share race strategies but above all the result, which will not be represented by what each individual has achieved, but rather a product resulting from the team work.

Hundreds of companies around the world have used karting as an incentive tool, involving groups made of 20 up to 200 participants in their events. Obviously, the current situation and the ongoing health emergency have put all kinds of activities on hold, but as soon as possible, karting will be a great opportunity to experience emotions, adrenaline and team spirit.


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