This article is made for all motorsport enthusiastics, especially karting addicted. The 24 Hours Karting of Italy, scheduled to take place in Adria on June 5th and 6th, is an event that has now become a “classic” of endurance karting.

Through a comparison with some of its protagonists (team managers and drivers who took part in the last two editions), we have managed to write down a list of the most successful aspects of this event, from their point of view. A 24 hour race on a go-kart is a very demanding activity, but also so fascinating to offer different and more intense emotions, compared to any other competitive event. And the 24 hour of Adria has so many “pluses” that will make you fall in love with it:

1) The go-karts: if it was a musical event, the type and quality of the music would have been fundamental. However, as we are talking about a karting event, the first factor to be evaluated is the go-kart that will be used. The race takes place with CRG Centurion karts equipped with Honda 390cc engine, which represent one of the most popular products on the market for what concerns the driving feeling, reliability and performance. They are all new karts and this aspect is by no means taken for granted in other equivalent events and is essential to ensure fairness of performance, both of the engines and of the chassis. Finally, technical assistance to all teams is guaranteed by the CRG staff, and it is a warranty with regards to professionalism.

2) The Adria racetrack: the second factor which is useful to create a perfect cocktail, together with the CRG karts is the Adria racetrack, probably one of the most beautiful and equipped tracks in the world. The comforts that the track guarantees to the teams are many and cannot be replicated anywhere else. First of all, the hotel rooms directly above the pit lane, but also the masonry boxes with all the useful set-ups (tables, deckchairs, monitors) and the large restaurant bar which is open 24 hours a day. The lighting system for the night is also among the best in the world and the Race Direction room allows you to control the action on the track with over 20 cameras. Finally, the layout of the racetrack is very technical and the “escape routes” are paved to ensure maximum safety.

3) The teams participating to the event: endurance races are an exciting challenge and the higher the value of the opponents is, the more stimulating and exciting is the confrontation on the track. In this regard, the 24H of Adria offers an almost unique opportunity to challenge some of the best teams in the world, thanks to an entry list with more than 35 crews from 15 different countries.

4) The live streaming: the visibility of the race will be worldwide, thanks to the long live streaming on CRG’s social channels, which will also include a TV studio for interviews with all the protagonists. In the last editions, through the sharing of live broadcasts by drivers and professionals, the images reached 37 different countries, with peaks of over 7,000 connected users. An important role from the media point of view will also be played by the CRG press office, which will guarantee press releases and video productions, specific to its press sector.

5) The regulation: an event can be more or less exciting according to the regulation. For the 24 Hours Karting of Italy CRG has chosen, in agreement with the National Federation, a few simple rules to leave maximum freedom of strategy to the team managers: 30 mandatory driver changes for PRO teams and 35 mandatory changes for SILVER teams, as well as a maximum of 7 hours of driving for each driver. Anything else will be free strategy of the individual teams. The choice of having two categories in the same race (PRO and SILVER) is also very popular, so that each crew can freely choose where to compete, based on the level of the experience of their drivers.


These are the main reasons for the success of the event and we do hope they have impressed your team to join us in the 2021 edition, which we remind you will take place on the weekend of 5th-6th June in Adria.

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