crg e drenaline rental kart

Electric karts are gaining market shares recording double-digit increases every year in the Rental sector. Censoring the data worldwide is very complicated, due to the different specifications of each individual market and it is worth saying that this growth is defined by analysts as “patchy”, precisely because it is subject to certain conditions that make it more evident in some areas.

First of all, the electric Rental kart is growing exponentially in indoor go-kart tracks, which means in large cities and in countries with a more rigid climate where these data are more evident. The progressive restrictions that individual National Governments are introducing for the use of 4-stroke internal combustion engines, within closed structures, also affect favoring the transition to electricity. In this regard, the most important game in the world seems to be the one taking place in the US, where Green consciousness is growing and specific National Laws are banning the possibility of using gasoline engines within closed areas in a few years. However, recent market research has also highlighted a greater sensitivity and openness of the general public to “clean” attractions and this fact was clearly underlined by the analysis of the preferences of a research carried out in the United States. The sample of potential customers interviewed said they prefer the electric kart to the traditional one with a petrol engine, to spend a moment of leisure and fun.

Electric karts are equipped with a lot of technology and this aspect has a strong appeal, especially on the new generations, moreover, also from the point of view of performancem, they have shown that they are not afraid of the comparison against the fastest karts with 4-stroke engines. This growth trend of electric karting is evident above all in the last two years, despite the slowdown in sector activities due to the pandemic. Analyzing these data, it is reasonable to believe that electric karting can outperform kart with internal combustion engine in sales, at least in indoor tracks, within 3 years. Obviously this process will take place first in the most advanced and demanding markets, with the United States, Canada and Northern Europe leading the way.

We need to think that the major Indoor go-kart tracks are becoming more and more multi-attraction centers, where perhaps bowling and laser games can also be found, so karting must be integrated in this context and an electric silent kart with zero exhaust emissions better matches this target audience.

According to the data owned by this sector operators, within two years the availability on the market of used Rental fleets will also play a fundamental role in the acceleration towards electricity, an opportunity that is not yet in quantity, to be considered significant for a short time on the market of the latest generation electric karts, compared to the opportunities of used fleets with 4-stroke engines. We need to imagine that while the tracks with higher volumes of business will continue to work with new and always latest generation karts, the smaller racetracks and the ones in those areas with fewer users, will make a more gradual transition to electric karting and second-hand vehicles will be an important “flywheel” in this process.

If on the front of the Indoor kart the path seems to be traced and will first see the diffusion of the electric kart in the latest generation and more sophisticated facilities, and then gradually reach over 50% of the market, in the outdoor tracks there have still been few managers who have bet on this choice. Although the reasons for doing that, are certainly not lacking, even before making the usual comparisons on the running costs of engines and gasoline (zero in electricity). The electric kart, in fact, is an excellent choice for those tracks, for example, located near built-up areas and in the holiday ones, where in many cases noise restrictions are in force. Moreover, thanks to the silent powertrain and the fact that it does not make surfaces dirty in any way with lubricants or other residues, those who drive it are not scared at all and it also better embraces the female and less professional target. For CRG, this market segment has been central for years in the activities dedicated to Rental karting and sales volumes are constantly increasing in all markets, from North and South America to Central Europe. E-Drenaline, CRG’s electric kart, is among the most technological on the market and guarantees the possibility of offering its customers the best from a technical and design point of view, with the guarantee of the service and assistance of a company industry leader such as CRG.

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