With more than 35 registered teams, the 24 Hours Karting of Italy organized by CRG is confirmed as one of the most prestigious Endurance meetings in the Rental Kart segment. The 2022 edition will take place next weekend (25th and 26th June) on the Castelletto di Branduzzo circuit (7 Laghi Kart), a new track for the majority of the teams at the start and where it will be impossible to make predictions. After 4 editions held on the Adria track, in fact, due to the well-known events and the closure of the Venetian structure, CRG had to change the venue for the race, also moving it to the calendar from March to June.

The new track will add reasons of interest to the meeting, even if CRG confirmed the organizational format that made its event famous, without without making huge changes. Therefore, it will be confirmed the formula which provides for the assignment of CRG Centurion karts equipped with a Honda 390cc engine by drawing lots and the choice of leaving the same vehicle to the team for the entire race. It is a technical choice based on two factors as underlined by the CRG headquarters: first of all because all the karts used in the race will be brand new, therefore they will be able to guarantee substantially identical performance standards and, secondly, because we want to keep management of the vehicle, the ability of the team to take it to the finish line in full efficiency, as one of the determining factors for the result in an Endurance marathon of this magnitude. We do not have to forget that CRG is one of the most important manufacturers in the world and wishes to place the product, in this case its own CRG Centurion, at the center of the event and an integral part of the technical challenge that such a demanding meeting offers. The fact of having seen two of the five previous editions finish with the first three teams in the same lap gives ample guarantees to the participants on this point.

Coming specifically to the results, ATB Team Bengio from Denmark, CH-T Gold from Spain and the Italian teams BAC-PKI and GFT Racing are the PRO crews that from the first edition in 2018 until today, have become part of the history of this Endurance karting event, bringing home the overall victory. The Roll of Honor of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy also includes the teams in the Silver classification, reserved for the most amateur crews: La Vecchia Guardia (2018 winner, Bolza Corse (2019), Allianz (2020) and Chioggia Kart (2021).

One of the winning factors of the CRG event has always been the excellence of the organization, which respects international meeting standards, with video controls on the circuit, 4 race directors and high-level services guaranteed to the teams, such as the box structures, the presence of hotel rooms within the circuit or the large screen that will be positioned on the track to follow the official timing and the images of the television production. The communication will be a further “plus” of the race, which will be broadcast in live streaming on CRG’s social channels (YouTube and Facebook) with 5 links which, in addition to the images from the track, will include a TV studio with interviews and technical insights.

The race program includes free practice and qualifying practice on Saturday morning, followed by the choreographic Driver Parade where more than 200 drivers will parade on the starting straight, then the start of the 24 Hours with the “Le Mans” procedure at 2.00 PM Saturday afternoon. The race will then end at 2 PM on Sunday and the teams will have to manage their own strategy, following only a few rules imposed by the regulation including the mandatory number of driver changes (30 for the “Pro” crews and 35 for the “Silver”), as well as a maximum of 7 hours of driving per driver and no less than 1 hour (regardless of the number and duration of the individual stints).

The karts’ refueling, which have an autonomy of approximately 1H 30 ‘, will be managed by the CRG organization, which will also follow the technical assistance for all the teams with the staff of its racing department and the CRG Rental division will guarantee a high profile to all teams.

All teams will compete for the overall classification, but the Silver standing has always been very coveted, which will have its own award ceremony with the podium for the first three classified teams.

In addition, in recent days, CRG has also announced a partnership with the food company Beretta which will line up 10 teams and a special podium will also be reserved for the best three of them in this additional category.

To follow the race, it will be possible to connect live with CRG social networks, or even attend the event by going to the 7 Laghi track as entry will be free and Covid restrictions have definitively lapsed.

For more information on the event, you can contact the CRG Organizing Secretariat: marketing@kartcrg.com

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