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After joining TikTok, the platform dedicated to short videos which is highly successful among very young people, CRG has brought to 6 the social networks through which it communicates with karting enthusiasts. Such a wide range of tools allows you to reach different targets with tailor-made content.

Facebook has leaded the way for the advent of social media in the karting world and it is still a favorite tool for over 40s, many sector operators and institutions. The official CRG page on Facebook is followed by over 41,000 users and continues to grow every month, thanks to a lot of technical contents and many ideas to share the passion for karting. However, Instagram, which counts more than 45,000 users on the official CRG Factory account, has become the most transversal social media in terms of users age and important in terms of number of followers. This platform is more informal and prefers images of international races, products and of the company. Since 2019 CRG has invested many resources with specific productions also on YouTube, where many videos have reached very important numbers of views and where live streaming events from the tracks have also been scheduled. The social platform of CRG is completed by Linkedin and Twitter, to which WhatsApp Business will soon be added.

In the annual report of the communication activities, the CRG marketing team took stock of the social activities, emphasizing how the community that follows the CRG channels is very active, interacting with the company thanks to these tools on an ongoing and rapid basis. The diversification into several social media channels allows CRG to have a constant relationship with its customers of very different targets, thanks to its presence in all market segments, from the youth sector, up to Racing and Rental Karting. CRG’s social channels, however, are not managed only with the aim of building a loyal relationship with its customers, but rather to have a constant relationship with all karting enthusiasts at an international level. CRG is one of the most beloved brands in the world and actively contributes to promoting this sport globally even before its own products.

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