After a three-year break due to the Pandemic, CRG has recently formalized the return of the Rental Kart World Contest, the end-of-season event organized with CRG Centurion karts equipped with 390cc Honda engines. The event will take place on the Italian track of Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) and will be spread over three days of competition, from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October.

The objective of this event organized and personally promoted by CRG is to elect the strongest driver of International Rental Karting, both for the PRO category and for the more amateur SILVER one. It will be a great comeback for this appointment, which many CRG partner tracks use to reward their most deserving drivers of the season. But the Rental Kart World Contest will not be an event open only to CRG Partner tracks; in fact, all karting enthusiasts will be able to participate, in compliance with the maximum availability of seats which has been set at 180 drivers: 90 drivers in the PRO category and 90 in the SILVER one.

Unlike the first editions, the 2023 World Contest will take place with the Sprint formula and therefore will be open to individual drivers and not to crews, like the usual Endurance races. For the event, the participants will have at their disposal a fleet of 46 new karts which will be continuously drawn for the individual drivers at every stage of the event, from Free Practice to the Qualifying and Final Stages.

Individual drivers interested in taking part in the event will be able to register with an online form on the CRG official website starting from Monday June 12th and, as mentioned, registrations will close when the 180 available places have been reached. Each participant, called conductor, will be able to indicate a competitor (if enrolled in a Rental track or in a team or Karting Club) and the awards will also include a trophy for the competitor in addition to the drivers.


Please find below the main information:


EVENT FORMAT: The Rental Kart World Contest 2023 will include a “SPRINT” format divided into 3 days of competitions (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The program of track activities will include 4 Free Practice sessions, 1 Qualifying Practice session, 4 Qualifying Heats for each individual driver, a Repechage Race and the Grand Final for the best 42 drivers. The first day of the race on Friday will be dedicated to Free Practice and each driver will have 4 sessions of 15′ each at his/her disposal, all facing a different kart by drawing lots. The first session will be exclusively for kart and circuit apprenticeship, while from the 2nd session on, we will begin with timed laps and scores will be awarded based on the ranking of each of the 3 remaining rounds to determine a provisional ranking through which the PRO and SILVER drivers will be established : the best 90 will be admitted to the PRO category and from 91st to 180th  in the standings will take part in the SILVER ranking.

Once the 90 drivers of each category have been established, the Qualifying Practices and the first Eliminatory Heats will proceed on Saturday. The Qualifying Practices will be divided between PRO and SILVER with 3 sessions for each category, each with 30 drivers on the track. At the end of the Qualifying, the ranking will be drawn up by dividing the 90 drivers of each category into 5 groups of 18 drivers each ,according to the following criteria: the Pole Position will go to group A, the 2nd classified in group B, the 3rd classified in group C , the 4th classified in group D, the 5th classified in group E and then it will start again with the 6th classified in group A, the 7th classified in group B and so on, until completing the 5 groups A-B-C-D-E each made up of 18 drivers. The event will then continue with the Qualifying Heats, 10-lap races in which all the groups will meet, each time composing a grid made up of 38 drivers (for example: 18 drivers from group A and 18 drivers from group B). In each Qualifying Race the drivers will change their kart which will always be assigned by drawing lots. At the end of these races, which will end on Sunday morning, the general classification of scores will be drawn up which will directly qualify the best 36 drivers on the board to the PRO Final and SILVER Final. From P37 to P78 they will compete in a Repechage Competition called Final B, which will qualify the first 6 classified for the Final (they will occupy the last 6 positions on the starting grid). Once the 42 Finalists have been determined for each of the two categories, the Finals will take place on Sunday afternoon and will award the 2023 title to the two winners (PRO and SILVER). The first 6 classified drivers of both categories will be awarded and a Trophy will also be awarded for the Competitors, based on the placement of their drivers in the classification of the two Finals (PRO and SILVER).


DRIVERS ATTENDING THE RACE: All drivers who have already turned 14 can take part in the event. An ACI or ASI national driver’s license is required for drivers of Italian nationality, while foreign ones are required to have a national licenses of their own country issued by the ASN member of the FIA. The maximum number of drivers admitted to the event is 180. The weight of individual drivers will be balanced with the ballast system to be applied to the kart.


KARTS DEPLOYED: The entire event will be managed with a fleet of 46 CRG Centurion karts equipped with a 15 horsepower 390cc Honda engine. The karts will be drawn at each entrance to the track and therefore the individual drivers will face each phase of the event with a different kart. The driving position will be adaptable to the driver through the seat and the adjustable pedals and the weight (kart + driver) will be equalized among the various participants with a ballast system.


RACETRACK: The 7 Laghi international track of Castelletto di Branduzzo has hosted many international kart events and has a very suitable layout for 4-stroke go-kart races. For two years now it has also hosted the CRG 24 Hours Karting of Italy and has always met with the favor of the drivers. Also from the point of view of services it is ideal, with a hotel jujst next door to the paddock and other accommodation facilities a few kilometers from the circuit. Also as regards the Race Direction, the 7 Laghi Kart circuit offers a camera system that allows you to monitor every race contact and infraction in a timely manner. All drivers will have a hospitality area and an area equipped with lockers and changing rooms at their disposal.


PRIZE – GIVING: A prize-giving ceremony with podium will be scheduled for the top 6 classified drivers of both categories (PRO and SILVER). The winner of the PRO category will be awarded with a new CRG FS4 kart from the Briggs Kart Championship category worth Euro 3,870.00 (VAT included) and the 1st place in the SILVER category will be offered participation in the Briggs Kart Championship race on November 12th on the track of Cremona (rental formula with assistance provided by CRG for 2 days for the value of Euro 890.00). A Trophy is also set up for the COMPETITORS which will collect the team manager of the team that has scored the highest number of points in the Final on the podium with its own drivers (see complete rules on the Sporting Regulations which will follow shortly).


ENTRIES: The entry fee for the event spread over 3 days of competition (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) is set at Euro 490.00 including VAT. Each registration to the event will be considered valid and accepted only by completing the online FORM on the official website ( and must indicate, in addition to the name of the driver (DRIVER), also the name of the COMPETITOR (circuit, karting club or sports association to which the driver is affiliated to).


ORGANIZATIONAL SECRETARIAT: CRG – Marketing Division (Tel. +39.030.9912604 – E-mail:


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