Once the Rental Kart brand for their track has been defined and chosen, for many Rental track managers there is the issue of choosing which engine to equip the purchased Kart fleet with. Also from this point of view, CRG makes all its consolidated experience in over 15 years of activity available to its customers through its Rental Division. In particular, the matter of engines is fundamental for Senior karts, where you can range over different powers with regards to 4-stroke endothermic engines, as well as for 100% electric powertrains.

Talking about the 4-stroke engines, CRG offers mainly two options for its Centurion Rental Karts: 270cc Honda engine and 390cc Honda engine. The first one is more suitable for Indoor tracks, develops a power of around 10 hp and has a fairly low overall weight, a further advantage on winding tracks such as indoors. Also in favor of the 270cc engine is the prerogative of consuming less fuel (an average of 4 liters of fuel per hour) and having a lower cost than the more powerful 390cc which offers almost 15 hp. The 390cc engine, therefore, is chosen mainly by outdoor circuits that have a development with important straights, but also by tracks that intend to offer their customers a fleet of karts with high performance.

Very often, some managers decide to have two fleets: one with 270cc engines for a mass rental, which is accessible even to unexperienced users, and one with a 390cc engine, reserved for the most experienced and demanding customers, or dedicated to Sprint or Endurance races. 390cc engines, obviously, have a higher fuel consumption, around 6 liters per hour, and a slightly higher cost. If the track managers chooses a fleet of Electric Karts, however, the performance problem can be managed with the same fleet of karts, as the powertrains that equip E-Drenaline, CRG’s 100% electric kart, can be calibrated with three different settings: Junior with reduced power, Standard and Pro with maximum power. This prerogative allows us to satisfy users with different performance needs with the same fleet of karts.

For more information on the setups of CRG’s Rental Kart fleets you can visit the dedicated CRG website (www.crgrentalkart.com) or contact the sales team by email: rental@kartcrg.com