With 4 years experience on the market, CRG’s E-Drenaline is the electric kart of the Rental range, and has distinguished itself for its design and technological content. Everyone knows the E-Drenaline for its Formula 1-style LED steering wheel, for the power produced by its two electric motors, the electronic differential and the double braking system (electric on the rear and mechanical on the front disc), which make driving this kart an experience on the highest level.

However, one of the most important features for track managers is certainly the rapid battery change system designed by CRG. The system is optional and allows you to have your own Kart fleet always active on the track, completely canceling the downtime for recharging (about 45 ‘each cycle). The system proposed by CRG on its E-Drenaline Senior model provides for the possibility of replacing the lithium batteries that equip the kart in less than 1 minute, simply by opening the tilting hood and by detaching the two connectors. This operation can be carried out directly in the Pit Lane and while the karts run on the track with the extra batteries, the first batteries are recharged at a dedicated station. This technical solution allows you to avoid the double fleet of karts to have continuity of activity on the track and it allows you to use the E-Drenaline karts also for race training such as Mini Endurance.

For more information on the quick change batteries of our E-Drenaline please contact our CRG consultants (email: rental@kartcrg.com – +39 030 9912604) and visit our website www.crgrentalkart.com