When talking about a competitive market such as rental karting, where there are many manufacturers with a very diversified offer, the most important reasons behind choosing one product or another, are relatively few for a track manager. For sure we need to list the quality of the kart, the price, the design, the customer service the company offers and the level of fun and pleasure that the vehicle offers drivers. This is obvious considering we are talking about a go-kart that needs to offer a driving experience.

While the reasons for choosing one brand rather than another among managers may vary in a subjective way, final users have very clear ideas, putting the driving experience first. Today we will precisely deepen this aspect of CRG rental karts on the market.

CRG marketing has conducted some research on over 50 tracks around the world and more than 500 drivers who regularly take part in their endurance events. It was clearly highlighted how much the pleasure and enjoyment of driving are important and appreciated by drivers.

For CRG, offering a superior driving experience has always been a priority, the starting factor at the design level to create a complete, reliable product that is also really fun to drive. Those who go to a rental kart track want to experience all the feelings that only karting can offer: cornering speed, braking stability and precision in direction changes.

CRG Centurion‘s chassis has been made with geometries that make it very balanced, easy to drive to the limit and very similar to a racing kart. In order to adapt the kart to particular tracks, both in terms of layout and grip, the camber and caster are also adjustable on the CRG chassis. All the protections of the chassis have been designed and anchored to it, in a way that does not stiffen it and that allows the correct “twists.” Even the driving position has been studied for a long time to obtain the best weight balance and all this attention to details makes the CRG Centurion one of the most funniest and performing go-karts to drive on the track.

CRG obviously recommends quality tires and a proper vehicle maintenance, as they are both very important factors closely linked to the quality of the driving experience.

If you want to try a CRG Centurion you can look for the nearest CRG track or you can also take part in CRG endurance events.

For more information, please write to rental@kartcrg.com