In-depth market analysis conducted on a sample of over 150 international Rental track managers, have shown some of the priorities they look for when talking about a rental kart. First of all, it should be pointed out that karting is the main tool on which track managers build their business and therefore it can be considered among the determining factors of the success or failure of a circuit. In the light of the above, with this article we would like to focus on the 3 technical characteristics that many managers consider fundamental to be successful.

At the first place and with a large percentage, all managers involved in the research, converge on the security to offer to customers. Many Rental kart users have no driving experience at all and an off-track or a contact with another kart, even at low speeds, could cause an injury. This eventuality is for sure something unpleasant for the image of the track and the unpredictable complex possible consequences between liability and insurance. For these reasons it is something they all want to avoid. Many manufacturers have made a mission out of this need and CRG is one of them. Ensuring the safety of the driver when on-board the kart means using advanced shock absorption systems, CE certified, patented and above all that they have passed the most stringent crash tests. Even the coverage of all the mechanical moving parts such as the transmission, or heat sources such as the exhausts, are measures that have always been taken care of with great attention on high quality karts. On the other hand, artisanal karts are heavy (therefore dangerous if they hit another kart) and do not offer the necessary protection to the driver, on which all the energy of the impact is transmitted. From this point of view, it is also always useful to remember the importance of helmets and protective clothing. A single injury can wipe out months of hard work. And from this point of view, CRG can proudly state that it has not registered any accident for over 5 years on the over 100 tracks that use the Centurion go-kart range.

At number two, over 30% of the interviewees pointed out the importance of kart reliability, meant as the ability not to suffer damage during its ordinary use and therefore which does not require the replacement of mechanical parts and accessories. The costs deriving from spare parts, as an expense item that cannot be quantified in advance, represent a strong concern for racetrack owners. For what concerns CRG Centurion karts, the same protections that offer maximum safety to the driver (fairings and shock absorption system) are also important to protect all accessories that could be damaged with blows derived from use on the track, such as rims, the axle, stub axles or steering rods. When analyzing the effectiveness of a rental go-kart fleet, the consumption of spare parts is a strictly monitored item and CRG can boast extremely high reliability, also refined with endurance races that subject go-karts to intense use stress.

The third and final point reported by many managers concerns the design and the driving sensations that go-karting must be able to offer. Customers appreciate the design of a vehicle with attention to detail, the quality of the finishes and materials used, but also and above all the feeling and performance that a go-kart itself can offer on the track. Both of these aspects are essential to get a positive feedback from customers and build loyalty, as well as to make up the difference on the competitors.

Understanding which are the needs of the market has always been a mission for CRG and these same characteristics that a Rental kart must have, according to a large number of track managers, have also become priorities for CRG technicians, creating the Centurion range, both with 4-stroke engines and the electric versions.

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