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The majority of Rental track managers have started their business by taking over an existing facility, or by inheriting the track and the work from their parents. However, every year hundreds of new structures are built around the world, projects that start from a completely blank sheet and that are born according to the budget and objectives of the property itself. These objectives, of course, are aimed at the business and to create a successful racetrack it is essential not to make evaluation mistakes at any stage, from the initial project to its complete realization.

For this type of customer, terms such as “turn key packages” are very familiar, as they simplify the approach to this type of business, optimizing fundamental resources, such as time and money. It is essentially the opportunity to take advantage of an “all inclusive” package of services and products, interfacing with a single partner as a point of contact, able to support the management of the track, from the preliminary stages to the completed and operational work.

When the project of a track starts completely from scratch, everything is needed, from the construction of the circuit in compliance with the safety regulations in force, to the purchase of the karts and all the necessary equipment and services. This type of offer, in particular, is very much in demand by entrepreneurs who plan investments in the indoor track sector and who need a partner able to guarantee complete preliminary advice, even before offering the most suitable solutions.

To create a kart racetrack you can have up to 20 different suppliers, wasting energy, but above all money, primarily due to the lack of experience of the new managers, which would allow them to make the most correct choices.

In order to respond to this important and growing market demand, CRG has developed some partnerships with external companies that make possible to offer a complete service to entrepreneurs who want to open a Rental track.

CRG’s “turn key” program includes two souls, combining services and products. As for services, the CRG staff boasts specific experience to assist customers for what concerns the choice of the locations and in the planning of business plans, and then accompany them with specific consultancy for business development. From the point of view of products, however, CRG is able to manage all supplies with very high quality standards, but also competitive prices and customized financial instruments such as leasing. With regard to products, suitable barriers and flooring are essential for the construction of the track, as well as the supply of management systems such as accreditation, registration and timing software. In this sector CRG has been successfully collaborating for years with the company 360 Karting, leader in the creation of high quality and technological indoor circuits. The synergistic collaboration between CRG and this company makes it possible to set up a track that optimizes the available space to the maximum and is absolutely safe, as the impact absorption systems of the barriers and karts are complementary.

Based on the space available, customers can have renderings and a detailed cost estimate in a few days, in order to tackle the project with many fixed points and very few unknowns. Obviously, the heart of every Rental track are go-karts and CRG has the most complete range on the market, which includes models for children and adults, both with 4-stroke and 100% electric engines.

Dozens of entrepreneurs every year transform their ideas into successful businesses with CRG.

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