Karting is a fun-filled discipline for more than 75 million people every year around the world. The majority of users practice this sport at the Rental tracks, which means without buying a go-kart, but using the Rental karting and event organization services, managed by the thousands of outdoor and indoor tracks, located in every continent. In the last 20 years Rental tracks, which at the beginning were born as basic structures mainly in some holiday resorts, have evolved like Rental karts, becoming in many cases real centers of attraction for an ever wider audience. To keep the attractiveness of a Rental facility alive over the time, possibly also expanding its audience, some choices are necessary to make it safe and efficient. This concerns both the initial stage, when the track construction project comes to life, but also a few precautions to be taken into account at every stage of your business. This approach, therefore, can also be applied to existing tracks, improving their attractiveness for the public.

First of all, the layout of the track should not be underestimated. Creating a circuit that is suitable for both children, adults and why not even for professionals in the sector, will offer them the best driving experience, without the final visitor having to look somewhere else, to ensure fun and safety for the whole family. The optimization of spaces, which is achieved by making the most of the available square footage, is equally important from the outset and when talking about indoor racetracks, this goal is also achieved by designing tracks on multiple levels, or even with partial external sections.

The key factor number 1 for the success of a track is certainly the choice of its Rental kart fleet which must be up-to-date, of quality, but also safe, reliable and able to satisfy the expectations of the final consumer, who is looking for the maximum driving fun. Do not forget it! From this point of view, CRG, which has always put quality and safety first, is a guarantee in the Rental kart sector, giving its customers the opportunity to choose between the CRG Centurion with internal combustion engine and the 100% electric ones (E-Drenaline). The choice of the number of vehicles and their power supply system are other crucial details for the success of your business. Therefore, before purchasing a new fleet, it would be a good idea to rely on the advice of the CRG experts, who are able to customize the offer exactly to the specific needs of the customer, give advice in drawing up the business plan, as well as evaluate a possible financial formula such as leasing.

Indoor tracks usually go for an electric fleet of CRG E-Drenaline, for the fact that they are normally dedicated to Rental karts only, since they have a shorter length than outdoor circuits and their surface is made up of synthetic resins, which allow the tires to immediately reach temperature. Karts with internal combustion engines, on the other hand, are more suitable for outdoor asphalt tracks, although there are structures that use them inside actually, but must be equipped with a dedicated air recirculation system.

Another fixed point concerning the safety of your structure is given by the need to choose controlled absorption barrier systems, accessories and technologies, which guarantee the highest and most efficient safety standards on the market. Doing this means being able to effectively prevent dangerous situations on the track, thus ensuring the safety of the drivers and also minimizing damages to one’s rental kart fleet.

Today the customers of a Rental track are also very sensitive to the services and packages that can be provided, to make the driving experience at their own track more complete. From this point of view, the CRG staff is able to suggest timing systems and APPs, in order to show their own timed laps, the results and analysis of the challenges with friends or the results and rankings of the races, organized by the track itself. Web and social media activities also play a decisive role in this process.

Finally, we need to stress the importance of some correct marketing actions, which allow high revenue streams, building customer loyalty, so that they often come back to the track and above all they ensure you to stand out from the competition. A tip could also be to use social media professionally, interacting with your customers, to gain greater visibility and build lasting relationships. Furthermore, if you have the possibility as regards the spaces, a significant plus could be to integrate the kart track with extra services such as food & beverage areas, meeting rooms and/or complementary attractions.

For any additional information on CRG’s Rental fleet or for any advice from our experts, please write to: rental@kartcrg.com