CRG 390cc rental premium selection

For more than 5 years CRG has been managing a commercial program dedicated to its second-hand Rental karts called “Premium Selection”. These are fleets which are taken as a trade-in, in the event of new sales and then put back on the market, after a thorough technical check-up, by offering very advantageous prices.

This program represents an important opportunity for all those tracks that intend to take advantage of the quality of a high-end kart on the market, but that also have to deal with the budget. We know well that the limited funds to be allocated to one’s Rental kart fleet, often force some tracks to fall back on low quality karts, which very frequently, however, prove to be a wrong choice, because normally the high costs for spare parts are underestimated, as unreliable and above all, they do not offer their customers a satisfactory driving experience.

CRG go-karts, on the other hand, are a guarantee from this point of view, both as regards the models with 4-stroke engines and the electric ones. Used CRG karts allow you to work with reliable vehicles and to start a collaboration relationship, which can also include the subsequent collection of the karts by CRG itself, should you wish to switch to a new fleet. The average monthly availability of used fleets of CRG Centurion with 270cc or 390cc engine is approximately 40-50 karts, a quantity capable of satisfying the needs of both small fleets, usually required by tracks that are starting their activity, and more structured ones as well.

For what concerns prices there are also solutions for every need, as semi-new karts of 12-14 months are available too, but also vehicles with more years with very interesting prices. For some months now, electric karts have also been available which, even in this case, are reconditioned with many checks and allow you to start working on the track in just a few days.

To find out more about the availability of used CRG Rental karts and get tailor-made quotations, you can contact the CRG staff of experts by email: