Following the confirmation that the reopening of the Adria track will be anything but short, CRG has formalized the relocation for its 24 hour Karting, confirming the new venue at the 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo. At the same time, to reconcile the calendars, it was also necessary to change the date, moving the event initially scheduled on 12th June to the weekend of 25th and 26th June. The format of the event will not be changed as well as the regulation, which provides for the technical mono-management of the CRG Centurion karts equipped with a Honda engine by the CRG racing department.

Here’s how Marco Angeletti of the CRG Marketing team has illustrated the choice that was made:

“First of all we are very sorry for the events that the Adria track is facing and we hope that they can be solved soon. We had to choose among the alternative options available for a change of venue and we believe that the 7 Laghi track goes very well with the type of 4-stroke kart used for this kind of event. One of the factors that also convinced us to make this choice is certainly the presence on the track of the Motel 7 Laghi, which gives the teams an important logistical support for the night. This is a detail that many teams have said to be a priority and therefore it is a very appreciated plus in such a demanding event, especially for those teams that come from abroad. I have to say that the circuit structures in general lend themselves well to this type of event, considering that the bar will operate 24 hours with the track terrace and an excellent box area that will be set up in the parc fermè. The 7 Laghi circuit has hosted international level meetings and is equipped with track control via a race direction with dozens of cameras and we are sure that it will be the ideal venue for an event of great importance like the one we wish to organize”.

In the next few days, the Organizing Secretariat will be active to give the teams all the useful information relating to this change of vanue and the Organization also hopes that thanks to the closeness to Milan and a so central and strategic location will also bring new teams to an already rich entry list, including foreign ones. From this point of view, the gradual easing of anti-Covid measures will also have a positive effect, which, after the difficult two-year measures, should no longer affect the event, and many teams from abroad will be able to be back as protagonists of the race.

From what concerns the communication, CRG confirmed its coverage with live streaming of the event for over 12 hours live and is planning other entertainment initiatives on the sidelines of the race.

Registrations are regularly open and we remind you that the entry fee with the ALL Inclusive 2022 formula has been set at Euro 2.600,00 per team.

As in the past there will be two categories in the race: “PRO” for the more experienced crews that will have 30 mandatory driver changes and “SILVER”, for the more amateur crews, that will have to make 35 of them.

For more information on the event, please get in touch with the Organizing Secretariat: +39 030.9912604 –