rental kart crg centurion divertimento

Passion for engines is among the most widespread in the world and F1 is among the five most popular sports. Karting, in addition to being the entry point for every future driver of the highest class of racing, is also the discipline that every motorsport enthusiast can practice more easily. While some sports are easier to try and play, think of football and tennis for example, karting requires some equipments (go-kart and technical equipment), facilities (tracks) and a background that not everybody can get knowledge of. Indeed, these aspects are the great obstacle that do not allow a large number of enthusiasts to drive on the track and experience what it really means to practice this sport. If it is true that trying a competition kart is quite complicated and certainly expensive, on the other hand Rental Kart is more and more widespread and in recent years has given the chance to many enthusiasts to discover the fun of driving on the track.

Doing what we are passionate about should be a mission for everyone, as dedicating time and energy to our passions means improving the quality of our life. Fun is not just a state of mind: when we have fun, in fact, biochemical reactions occur in our brain that lead us to maintain a behavior or activitỳ which promises to give us the same positive sensations again.

Rental Kart means karting for everyone: you don’t have to buy anything, but you can simply go to a track and carry out some driving sessions, simply by purchasing one of them. After that you won’t be able to go on without it. You will discover what it means to drive a vehicle with sensitive and direct steering, the sensations offered by the grip of the tires and to drive a few centimeters from the ground, drawing precise trajectories. An experience that we often look for with simulation games and expensive consoles, but which in this case cannot in any way replicate the physical action on the track. It will be a mental and physical pleasure to drive a go-kart. And if you haven’t tried this experience yet, you will need to do it as soon as possible. Modern Rental Karts are a concentrate of technology and guarantee the driver, even the most demanding ones and of any age, an incredible feeling on the track. This market sector has always been central and priority for CRG, so much so that the Centurion Rental range, both with 4-stroke engine and in the electric version, is among the most popular with drivers from all over the world and the protagonist of many competitive events.

In addition to the fun, Rental Kart also offers the possibility of sharing this playful moment with other individuals and this, according to many studies, helps to develop more solid and lasting trusting relationships, as well as to facilitate communication between people. For this reason Rental Kart is chosen by many companies as a Team Building activity. Having fun doing non-competitive sporting activities such as karting is also good to reduce stress, improves memory and the ability to concentrate and learn.

Discover the CRG track closest to your home and organize your first experience with a Rental Kart.