After the well-known events which resulted in the closure of the Adria track, where the 24 Hours Karting of Italy organized and promoted by CRG historically took place, the 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) has been chosen by CRG to take up the baton and will become the new setting of this prestigious event. The 2022 edition of CRG’s 24 Hours Karting is scheduled to take place on the weekend of 25-26 June.

After the first inspections and discussions with some of the historical teams linked to the event, the organization received excellent feedback, both in terms of logistics related to services, and as regards the layout of the track for the specific type of Rental kart which will be deployed in the race. With regard to logistic services, the comments got from the various team managers were unanimously positive, first of all thanks to the presence within the circuit of the 7 Laghi Motel, which will allow each team to have a room where drivers can rest and relax, but also for the race direction, which will have a control panel of the track with over 10 cameras and all the facilities in the paddock, from the showers, to the briefing room, up to the bar-restaurant which will also be open during the night. Even more interest was given to the track, which will be an almost absolute novelty for Endurance karting and without references for most of the drivers.

CRG has done some tests on the track and the feedback was very positive, as the configuration of the track goes very well with the power and type of Centurion karts that will be assigned to the teams, offering great driving fun, but also the possibility for individual drivers to make the difference in many technical parts of the track.

It will be an event to be discovered, with many new features and the most important Endurance karting teams will not have to miss it for sure.

For more information and to book a spot for your team at the event scheduled for 25 and 25 June, you can contact the Organizing Secretariat at the following no. 030.9912604 or by writing an email to: