One of the main parameters for measuring the success of a product is its ability to meet the needs of its target audience. CRG Centurion was born with the specific objective of achieving this goal, placing the managers’ needs (and the customers’ expectations) of the Rental Kart tracks at the center of the development work. Obviously we are talking about the most organized and dynamic tracks, those that know the importance of developing the business in an advanced way and that do not operate in the market in a passive way with old criteria, which relegated the Rental Kart to a minor activity, in which technical quality, aesthetics and the expectations of the most demanding customers were not a priority. Today the movement linked to Rental Kart is made up of thousands of enthusiasts who practice this karting activity with high expectations, are proficient and well informed. Is your track able to intercept this audience?

To operate in the current Rental Kart market, first of all the chosen go-kart must be able to offer a rewarding driving experience. Karting has been successful in the world because it can reproduce all the driving processes that generate adrenaline, emotion and, in the case of Rental Kart, the watchword is also and above all fun. This is what 70% of customers expect when driving a Rental Kart. It follows that circuits that use old heavy karts and with little technology, with a neglected or minimal design, are less able to intercept the priority needs of the majority of customers. All these aspects, on the other hand, have always been central to CRG, designing its Rental range, from Mini to Senior models, both with 4-stroke and electric engines.

The second point of appeal for users is the design. Today we look for beauty and attention to detail in every activity of our free time. Karting is no exception. With each model of its range, CRG has placed aesthetics, attention to detail and functionality among the priority objectives.

In third place, but for obvious reasons as a priority, there’s reliability. A resistant kart for the demanding activity for which it is used, allows it to offer safety to users, without requiring high maintenance costs which often nullify any savings in the purchase phase. CRG has carried out long and in-depth stress tests on each component and regularly carries out Endurance racing programs, which contribute to the constant development of the chassis and the accessories. The budget items that the tracks must dedicate to spare parts for contacts and deterioration are often significant and CRG has always set itself the goal of reducing these costs to a minimum.

If you are a manager of a Rental track, you cannot avoid confronting yourself with these 3 points: sensations that your rental Kart offers when driving, design and reliability. Once these prerogatives have been consolidated, you can think about how to improve and build a good service, offering a fun track from a layout point of view, managing timing programs, organizing races to retain your audience and diversify the offer, but the foundations of the business must be created with the product. Choosing CRG as a partner in this challenge means being able to offer a go-kart capable of intercepting and satisfying the expectations of a very demanding public.

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