There are many and constantly evolving questions that the managers and the owners of Rental tracks have to face every day in an increasingly competitive and complex market. In this scenario, the CRG company always pays close attention to market trends and the constantly evolving needs of its customers, intended both as track managers and as end users of their Rental Karts. In the last 15 years the Rental Kart market has gone from a demand – offer of low-tech products to the market with high quality standards from a technical and design point of view. It is not only the product, therefore the go-kart, that is affected by constant evolutions, but rather the whole Rental Kart sector in general, from the tracks to the provided services.

Today, some Rental tracks move into the mass entertainment market with skills that cannot ignore marketing and the constant ability to interpret and meet their customer needs. It is precisely the customers of the Rental sector who have pushed the revolution in this market and still today determine its continuous evolution. Operators who remain stuck in such a fluid and competitive market are destined to suffer or at least not to fully exploit the potential of this sector. The approach that CRG has as a leading company in the Rental Kart sector is that of an active partner on all fronts alongside track managers. The team of internal consultants within the company analyzes market data and needs every day to allow its customers to always play a leading role. Obviously, most of CRG’s attention is placed on the product, following specific indications that come from both sector, the one of the operators and the one of the final customers.

It is exactly the market trends recorded with the recent sales analyzes that reward the choice that has always inspired CRG production, which openly focuses on quality as the first distinctive point of its karts. According to a market research conducted on over 100 outdoor and indoor tracks, this choice has proven to be successful mainly for two reasons: firstly because it means low operating costs for the high reliability of the karts and as a second advantage, the fact that the fleet maintains a high economic value over time also plays an important role. If we consider that, on average, a racetrack changes its fleet every 24-36 months, we understand how this aspect allows you to have an important advantage in financial exposure to keep the fleet always new and updated.

It is also important to say that the Rental Kart market is very large and for each single market segment some technical and strategic choices must necessarily be customized. For example, the needs of an indoor track can differ greatly from the ones of an outdoor track: just think of the speed with which the electric kart is spreading on indoor tracks, which are more subject to the restrictions on exhaust gas pollution and acoustic.

Furthermore, by analyzing the data of this research, the demand for Rental Mini karts for children under 14 appears to be growing strongly, a market segment in which the demand is growing and opportunities are increasingly developed by tracks with an offer that allows you to fill specific time slots.

The driving feeling that the Rental Kart can guarantee to customers was also confirmed as a central and recurring theme. From this point of view, the days in which we were used to have heavy and underperforming karts are definitely over, in favor of increasingly sophisticated vehicles in terms of geometry and accessories, able to replicate the driving sensations of a racing kart. The reasons for purchasing may vary on some minor issues, but it seems evident how product quality, a complete range to meet specific needs from electric kart to Mini kart, up to the construction of services and activities to involve end customers, are a common feature to the Rental market. CRG has played a role as market leader on this point for over 10 years with an excellent level of customer satisfaction, both for its Rental products and for the complete consultancy programs it offers to its partners.