The Rental Kart World Contest is an international one-off event organized by CRG every year in October to elect the strongest driver of the International Rental Kart. Karts are provided by Organizers to the teams and entry fees include on-track assistance and all the track services.

More information on the event are available at the CRG Secretariat: +39.030.9912604 –


Excellent response to the first edition of the CRG Rental Kart Contest held in Italy in Lignano Sabbiadoro, with over 20 teams involved in the 8 Hours Endurance won by Enemy Team and in the Sprint race for the drivers’ title which went to Daniel Didolani. Excellent performances of the CRG Centurion Karts which guaranteed exceptional reliability.

The 1st Rental Kart World Contest, the event that CRG has created to have the best Endurance karting drivers and teams selected in CRG events and from the tracks that use the Brescia company’s rental karts around the world, competing against each other in an international meeting, has ended with a positive outcome.

The 1st edition was held on the Lignano Sabbiadoro track in Italy and included an 8H Endurance to award the team title and a Sprint race with preliminary heats for the drivers’ title. More than 20 teams, including the ones from the Czech Republic (selected from the Steel Ring track), Romania, Switzerland and Slovenia, as well as the best Italian Endurance Kart teams, competed in an exciting race, which saw the success of the Enemy Team of Andrea Rocco, Edgard Kanah, Daniel Didolani and Marco Comparin, over the PKI team of Fabiano Bottosso, Marco Bortoluzzi and Matteo Grassotto.

Keystone (the winning team of the Italian Endurance Kart Cup series made up of Claudio Micelli, Andrea Zemin, Massimo Povia and Orlando Sidoti) also closed an excellent race in P3 ahead of Ivo’s Steel Ring B team by a few seconds. Polasek, Zdenek Groman, Domink Stritesky, Jan Matyas, Vojtech Kurka, Zdenek Ostadal and Tomas Kralicek.

Following this, the Bria Racing team of the Beretta Group (partner of the event) obtained 5th place after having conquered pole in the timed trials and preceded Raceland Vicenza in the measuring race, a team making its debut in an international contest and author of a race with the “pace” of the best.

The top ten was completed by the Nolan team of Alberto and Simone De Martini, assisted by Alberto Vergani and Niki Cadei, who preceded Lhasa, Pomposa Dream team and Apulia Racing team.

The Driver Contest reserved for drivers, however, saw the success of Daniel Didolani over Andrea Rocco (finish at the photo finish by just 182 thousandths), while the driver from the Czech Republic Zdenek Ostadal took the 3rd step of the podium.

The event highlighted the excellent performances of the Centurion Karts, which guaranteed exceptional reliability (no technical assistance intervention) and equivalent performances between all the teams without the need to replace the karts during the race (a practice that CRG does not apply because makes the races often a lottery in the hands of luck rather than the strategies and skill of the individual drivers). The organization staff was also promoted with flying colours, having created a compelling race format and punctual services for all the teams, including an excellent hospitality area in the pit building, video control of all phases of race and excellent technical assistance for all teams.

The interest in the CRG Rental Kart World Contest is growing day by day and for 2018 the teams from China, USA and Northern Europe will also take part in the race, for a meeting that will see more than 15 countries represented and a great show in track. The Regulations and participation criteria for the 2018 edition will be presented by next November.


Cla Kart Team Categoria Giri Distacco Interv. Km/h Migliore Giro Pit Stop Tempo
1 19 EMENY TEAM 441 56,63 1:02.671 12 8:00:46.027
2 21 PKI 440 1 Giro 1 Giro 56,41 1:02.819 12 8:01:32.274
3 69 KEYSTONE 440 1 Giro 16.729 56,38 1:02.873 12 8:01:49.003
4 4 STEEL RING B 439 2 Giri 1 Giro 56,36 1:02.725 13 8:00:50.749
5 15 BRIA RACING 439 2 Giri 21.716 56,32 1:02.845 13 8:01:12.465
6 18 RACELAND VICENZA 439 2 Giri 18.747 56,28 1:03.269 12 8:01:31.212
7 8 NOLAN 438 3 Giri 1 Giro 56,17 1:02.964 12 8:01.25.789
8 11 LHASA 436 5 Giri 2 Giri 55,90 1:03.329 12 8:01:28.171
9 20 POMPOSA DREAM TEAM 435 6 Giri 1 Giro 55,85 1:03.239 13 8:00:51.294
10 9 APULIA RACING TEAM 434 7 Giri 1 Giro 55,63 1:03.470 12 8:01:36.458
11 26 SLO TEAM 434 7 Giri 0.213 55,63 1:03.103 12 8:01:36.671
12 3 STEEL RING A 433 8 Giri 1 Giro 55,55 1:03.077 12 8:01:12.578
13 2 RED MOTOR RACING TEAM 432 9 Giri 1 Giro 55,43 1:03.584 13 8:01:09.208
14 6 ALLIANZ 430 11 Giri 2 Giri 55,20 1:03.364 13 8:00:53.271
15 7 AGGRESSIVE TEAM 429 12 Giri 1 Giro 55,00 1:04.141 12 8:01:33.136
16 14 WLF 429 12 Giri 16.942 54,97 1:03.734 12 8:01:50.078
17 23 GRIP RACING 428 13 Giri 1 Gro 54,95 1:03.578 14 8:00:51.889
18 1 ERC-BRASOV 428 13 Giri 2.852 54,94 1:03.883 13 8:00:54.741
19 12 SWISS TEAM 425 16 Giri 3 Giri 54,53 1:03.589 12 8:01:09.045
20 25 TEAM AUSTRIA 423 18 Giri 2 Giri 54,31 1:03.369 14 8:00:51.929
21 16 BERETTA TREZZO 281 160 Giri 142 Giri 53,54 1:04.270 10 5:23:59.200


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A great event atmosphere welcomed the 30 crews competing in the 2018 Rental Kart World Contest on the Pomposa circuit in Italy, the International Endurance meeting organized by CRG and reserved for teams selected from the tracks and Endurance championships that use CRG Karts in the world.
The images of the Drivers Parade, the emotions of the Le Mans-style start, the strategies, the pit stops and the duels on the track for seconds, will remain in the memory of all the participants for a long time. The event met with unanimous approval from the teams, both from an organizational perspective and with regards to the CRG Centurion Karts used in the race and the centralized technical assistance of the CRG racing department. All these aspects place the CRG Rental Kart World Contest among the most prestigious events at an international level.
Among the teams competing for the two titles up for grabs (overall classification and Silver Cup, reserved for more amateur teams), teams from Mexico, China, Spain, Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic also took to the track. , Denmark, Switzerland and the strongest Italian crews, including the winners of last season’s World Contest of Red Enemy 1.

And the reigning champion crew of Kanah, Zipoli and Santolini presented themselves in the best possible way also in the 2018 edition, conquering Pole Position in Qualifying Practice with 76 thousandths of an advantage over the Danish team ATR Team Brask, winners of the 24 Hours Endurance CRG of Adria. P3 on the starting grid went to the Czech Republic team Steel Ring Gold, ahead of Allianz, the Spanish team Gran Canaria Karting and Raceland Vicenza.

The race was scheduled for a distance of 10 hours with a regulation that left a lot of freedom to strategies. The only rule imposed was that of 10 driver changes for the teams in the overall classification and 12 driver changes for the teams competing for the Silver Cup. The start of the race took place on a dry track immediately after the spectacular Drivers Parade and the official photo on the starting grid, and immediately saw Red Enemy 1 take the lead of the race ahead of ATR team Brask.After only 2 hours of the race, heavy rain arrived and upset all the strategies, with the driving stints of the individual drivers being lengthened thanks to lower consumption, but above all with several off-track exits which significantly changed the ranking. In this phase of the race, the Allianz team slipped out of the top ten, while Gran Canaria Karting took 3rd place ahead of Steel Ring Gold, Lhasa, Raceland and the German Arena of Speed Gold team.
The rain stopped in the late afternoon and at the end of the race the ranking stabilized with Red Enemy 1 of Zipoli, Santolini and Kanah which went on to win the title for the 2nd consecutive year with a lap ahead of ATR Team Brask, crew made up of Endurance kart specialists Paoleschi, Morin and Andersen. Steel Ring Gold also finished a beautiful race on the 3rd step of the podium, made up of Polasek, Kurka, Matyas, Birgus, Mikula, Richter and Midrla, while the Italian PKI team took 4th place with Mocchiutti, Riva and Turchetto. Also excellent was the 5th place of Raceland Vicenza, which was assisted and guided from the pits by CRG World Champion Paolo De Conto. Stefano Perseghin’s DMS Motorsport team finished in 6th place, while the first of the two teams from the German Arena of Speed circuit finished the race in 7th place. The ATR V2 team also ranked in the top ten, 8th at the finish line ahead of Lugano Karting Club 2 and Gran Canaria Karting.
In the Silver Cup, success went narrowly to the Italian team BRT (Beretta Group) made up of Ledda, Montanari and Cavallini, while the Arena Of Speed Silver team made up of Becker, Biering, Maushardt and Borne took the 2nd step of the podium. The Allianz team closed the race in 3rd place in the Silver ranking, ahead of Red Enemy 2 and the Romanian Webasto team.

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Cla Kart Team Categoria Giri Distacco Interv. Km/h Migliore Giro Pit Stop Pena
1 1 RED ENEMY 1 Pro 394 47,20 1:12.763 10
2 23 ATR TEAM BRASK Pro 393 1 Giro 1 Giro 47,01 1:12.712 10
3 5 STEEL RING GOLD Pro 389 5 Giri 4 Giri 46,57 1:12.799 10
4 10 PKI Pro 385 9 Giri 4 Giri 46,08 1:13.381 10
5 21 RACELAND VICENDA Pro 385 9 Giri 46.097 46,03 1:13.381 11 20.000
6 20 DMS MOTORSPORT Pro 384 10 Giri 1 Giro 45,97 1:13.003 10
7 15 AREAN OF SPEED GOLD Pro 384 10 Giri 21.133 45,94 1.13.159 10
8 24 ATR V2 Pro 384 10 Giri 1.645 45,94 1:13.354 11
9 37 LUGANO KARTING CLUB 2 Pro 383 11 Giri 1 Giro 45,88 1:13.381 10
10 3 GRAND CANARIA KARINT CLUB Pro 383 11 Giri 51.195 45,81 1:12.841 10
11 115 BRT Silver 382 12 Giri 1 Giro 45,75 1:13.137 11
12 26 THE BEER CLINIC RACING TEAM Pro 382 12 Giri 29.462 45,72 1:13.304 10
13 16 ARENA OF SPEED SILVER Silver 382 12 Giri 11.235 45,70 1:12.933 12
14 22 MIOUT KART RACING Pro 381 13 Giri 1 Giro 45,61 1:13.334 10
15 34 POMPOSA DREAM TEAM Pro 381 13 Giri 1.762 45,60 1:13.011 10
16 11 LHASA RACING FOR GENOVA Pro 381 13 Giri 22.417 45,57 1:12.808 10
17 66 ALLIANZ Silver 380 14 Giri 1 Giro 45,50 1:12.667 10
18 6 STEEL RING LADIES Pro 379 15 Giri 1 Giro 45,37 1:13.618 10
19 9 FUN RACE EVENTS Pro 379 15 Giri 36.606 45,32 1:12.995 10
20 2 RED ENEMY 2 Silver 378 16 Giri 1 Giro 45,25 1:14.230 12
21 8 NOLAN Pro 378 16 Giri 2.984 45,24 1:13.324 10
22 4 TEAM CHINA Pro 378 16 Giri 3.907 45,24 1:13.857 10
23 28 THUNDERBOLT Pro 378 16 Giri 8.424 45,23 1:13.359 11
24 27 RED MOTOR RACING TEAM Pro 374 20 Giri 4 Giri 44,80 1:13.492 10
25 36 LUGANO KARTING CLUB 1 Pro 374 20 Giri 34.185 44,75 1:13.459 10
26 7 AGGRESSIVE RACING FOR GI Pro 373 21 Giri 1 Giro 44,62 1:14.299 10
27 12 TEAM MEXICO 1 Pro 369 25 Giri 4 Giri 44,11 1:13.824 11
28 19 WEBASTO 2 Silver 359 35 Giri 10 Giri 42,92 1:14.195 12
29 14 TEAM MEXICO 2 Silver 352 42 Giri 7 Giri 42,16 1:16.148 12
30 18 WEBASTO 1 Silver 352 42 Giri 24.706 42,13 1:13.426 12


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The Italian factory confirmed itself as one of the most dynamic and active in the Rental Kart market, recording organizational and sporting success with its own event dedicated to the Rental tracks that use CRG Karts.

From a sporting point of view, the success went to the Spanish CH-T Gold team of Piñero, Alcaraz and García in the PRO category and to the Italian Chioggia Kart Racing 2 team of Favaretto, Varotto and Polauszach in the SILVER category.

With 38 teams on track from 8 different countries and over 180 drivers, the 3rd edition of the CRG Rental Kart World Contest ended with a very positive organizational and sporting outcome. The 2019 edition of the event was hosted by the Franciacorta track in Italy and took place with an unprecedented format which elected the winners in the two categories (PRO and SILVER) the crews who gained the most points in a race course which scheduled for a Superpole, 2 Sprint races and an 8H Endurance race.

For the drivers and team managers it was an intense commitment on all fronts, which highlighted the most complete teams, capable of expressing both absolute speed in the Superpole and Sprint races, and the collective and most effective strategies in the Endurance race. The flags of 8 nationalities, including China, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Romania and the Czech Republic, created an incredible choreography at the Drivers Parade, as did the paddock set up with structures of over 400 square meters for the pit boxes and the Hospitality managed by the event partner, the Italian company Fratelli Beretta.

The CRG World Contest has become one of the most coveted trophies among rental kart enthusiasts and allows the teams selected from CRG tracks and events around the world to experience a thrilling competition on the track in an event where the supply of karts and all track services are personally managed by CRG, one of the most prestigious brands in international karting. The organizational standards of the event were confirmed to be of a high level, just as the level and value of the teams involved on the track were very high.

From a sporting point of view, after two free practice sessions, the event got underway with the Superpole, a 10′ session which determined the starting grid of the 1st Sprint Race, but above all assigned the first points valid for the general ranking. In the Pro category the best time went to the Chioggia Kart Racing 1 team, which preceded Gas RT, CH-T Gold, DMS Motorsport and Miout Kart Racing. In the Silver category, however, the Superpole saw Chioggia Kart Racing 2 prevail over Titti’s Fuoriserie and Zena Silver.

In the 2 Sprint races scheduled for each of the two competing categories, a compelling battle immediately emerged in the Pro category between Chioggia Kart Racing 1 and CH-T Gold with the Italian team finishing with a victory and a 3rd place against a victory and a 2nd place by their Spanish opponents. The DMS Motorsport team fit in well among them, taking 5th place in Race 1 and an excellent 2nd place in Race 2. Miout Kart Racing was also in evidence, 3rd at the finish line in Race 1, but only 10th ° place in Race 2 due to a contact.

The Sprint races of the Silver category, however, saw the Allianz and Copat Team Ferito crews equally divide the 1st and 2nd step of the podium: Allianz won Race 1 with their direct opponents in 2nd place, while Race 2 ended in reversed positions. The 3rd step of the podium went to the Spanish team CH-T Black in Race 1 and the German team Arena of Speed ​​II in Race 2.

The 8 Hours Endurance started with a very short provisional ranking and many teams potentially capable of winning, both in the Pro and Silver categories. And after 8 spectacular hours, of great technical balance on the track, of very diversified strategies between the various teams and also 2 interventions by the Safety Car which influenced the planned pit stop program of the individual teams, the Spanish team prevailed in the Pro category CH-T Gold with just 24″ ahead of the Italian team Chioggia Kart Racing 1. With this narrow success and the points gained in the morning, the Spanish crew of Piñero, Alcaraz and García also won the overall category title, preceding the Italian crew managed by the Chioggia circuit (Santi, Brunati and Rossato). Steel Ring Gold from the Czech Republic (Vojtěch, Talaš, Svoboda and Richter) finished in 3rd place among the Pros, while Miout Kart Racing and DMS Motorsport finished in 4th and 5th place. In the general category ranking, DMS Motorsport placed 3rd behind the two top teams taking part in the event and only got the better of Miout in the last driving stint. Following this, 5th place for Steel Ring Gold and 6th position for the Ukrainian team Ingul-kart RT.

In the Silver category, the success of Chioggia Kart Racing 2 (Favaretto, Varotto and Polauszach) was clearer, as it preceded Copat Team Ferlito by 3 laps (Ferlito S., Ferlito D., Ferlito D. and Ferlito R. ) and Bolza Corse (Bimbati, Segato, Mocchiutti, Paganin and Carpenedo). Following were the Spanish crew CH-T Black and Beretta Racing Team, while the Allianz team was unluckier and only finished in 8th position. In the general classification, the Silver Trophy went to Chioggia Kart Racing 2 with 100 points won ahead of Copat Team Ferlito with 96 and Allianz with 71. Followed by an excellent 4th place for CH-T Black, 5th position for Bolza Corse and 6 ° place for Beretta Racing Team.

The next appointment with Endurance Kart by CRG will be the 24 Hours of Italy scheduled on the Adria circuit in April.


The 4th Rental Kart World Contest by CRG has ended with a great organizational and technical success. An organizational success because everything worked excellently in the tight racing programme, from the kart draw, up to the race management with the video controls and the spectacular choreographies of the final day on Sunday. But above all it has been a technical success, as the fleet of 40 CRG Centurion Karts made available to the drivers proved to be high-performance, fun to drive and very balanced, allowing the best drivers to emerge despite 7 different kart draws between Free Practice, Qualifying, Heats, Super Heat and Finals.


The problems that emerged were truly limited and considering that this was CRG’s first commitment to a Sprint format event, everything points to a highly successful future for this type of event.

Over 80 drivers from 15 different countries, all very fast and correct on the track, obviously had a decisive role in the show. The races, starting from the Qualifying Heats, were all exciting, with many sprint finishes and many drivers who lined up on the starting grid of the Finals with concrete ambitions for success. In the PRO category, after the Super Heat, with 40 drivers at the start of the Final, Edgard Kanah was in Pole Position with Mirko Barletta at his side, while the Brazilian Eduardo Favilla and Mirko Lauritostarted from the 2nd row. In the Silver category, however, the starting grid of the Final saw the Canadian Jeffrey Petriello in Pole Position with Federico Gallesi next to him.

The Finals were both spectacular and only decided on the last lap. In the PRO one, Mirko Barletta found the decisive attack on Edgard Kanah only 3 corners from the chequered flag, winning the race with just 95 thousandths of a second over his opponent, while an excellent Diego Colella finished in P3, slowed down at the end by a brake failure. Christian Resa, Mirko Laurito and Alessandro Grilli climbed onto the podium expanded to 6 drivers, with the latter taking P6 from Massimiliano Cavalieri who received a penalty from the stewards, dropping to P8. The race of the Hungarian Tamás Kender-Molnár was also excellent, 7th at the finish line just ahead of Cavalieri, while the top ten was completed by Marco Ferazzini and Alessio Zacchi, P9 and P10 at the finish line respectively. After an excellent start, Favilla fell to 11th place, while Alessandro Nicali took P12 ahead of Diego Pedrotti, Marco Strafurini and the Spaniard Jose Luis Chicharro.

Great show also in the Silver Final, a race which saw 5 drivers taking the chequered flag within just 4 tenths of a second and the victory going to the Canadian Jeffrey Petriello over his compatriot Pier-Luc Ouellette. Lorenzo Cioni finished in P3, ahead of Mauro Nicola and Riccardo Barge, with the latter slipping from 2nd to 5th place due to a 3″ penalty received from the Race Direction. Tarik Almou took the last step of the podium, ahead of Alessandro Russo, Simone Grasso, Federico Gallesi and Stefano Schena. The three ladies competing were unlucky (Anna Wodecka, Nicole and Rosanna Marziano), all forced to retire in the Final, but they were all really fast in the Qualifying phases and in the Super Heats.

The trophies reserved for the Teams went to Zena Karting for the PRO category and to the Canadian team TAG Karting for the Silver one.

Having archived this 4th edition of the Rental Kart World Contest with a very positive result in its new configuration with Sprint format, the CRG Management has already confirmed the event will take place in the same configuration also in 2024.





Full results available at:


In the last few days, CRG management officially presented the 2024 Rental Kart World Contest, the meeting dedicated to the world of Rental Kart with Sprint format organized by CRG. After having already made official that it will be the Cremona circuit in Italy to host this prestigious international event on the weekend of October 5 – 6, the guidelines of the regulations and some new featureshave also been outlined, especially regarding the criteria for dividing the drivers into the three categories allowed.

The race format will be the Sprint one, therefore single drivers will be admitted divided into three categories: the Junior class for children aged 14 to 18, the PRO one which will be the top class for drivers over 18 years old and, finally, the SILVER category for those more amateur drivers, who must be over 45 years old and/or has a minimum weight of 85kg. In the context of each category in the race, a special women’s ranking will also be drawn up which will reward the best 3 ladies at the finish line.


Talking about the ranking, this will be one of the most important innovations of the 2024 edition, in fact, the driver who will win the Final will not be the champion, but the title will be assigned by adding the points won by the individual drivers in each phase of the event, from the Qualification stages to the Final. There will be 4 scores to be added together: those attributed to the Qualifying Practice, the Heats (2 races for each category), the Pre-Final and the Final. Obviously the Final, which will be held over a distance of 30′ and 1 lap, will maintain a decisive role within the event and will award the highest number of points.

The 2024 Rental Kart World Contest will last 2 days with Free Practice, Qualifying Practice and Eliminatory Heats scheduled for Saturday 5 October, while the Pre-Finals and Finals will take place on Sunday. On Friday 4 October, especially for the benefit of the many non-Italian drivers, some Free Practice sessions will be organised.

Like every edition, CRG will produce a brand-new fleet of CRG Centurion Rental karts equipped with a 390cc Honda engine, which will be drawn by participants at each entry onto the track. The 2024 edition will see over 200 drivers competing, divided into the three permitted categories, representing over 15 different nationalities. The organizational standards will be high and will include many on-circuit services for the drivers and an important communication plan.

The full regulation will be published in the Rental Kart World Contest section on the official CRG website after May 15th, while registration will officially open on June 3rd.

For any further information on the event please contact the CRG Secretariat by sending an e-mail to



Venue: Cremona Circuit (Italy)

Date: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October

Extra Free Practice: Friday October 4th from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Categories: Junior, Pro and Silver, in addition to the special Lady ranking within each category

Website: Rental Kart World Contest section on the official CRG website (

Contacts: +39.030.9912604 /